Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Forex Morning Trade - Is It A Scam?

The trouble with the forex trading industry is that there are a lot of dodgy and deceptive companies out there who sell a lot of poor quality products. Therefore whenever a new product is released, people often go online and try and find out whether product X is a scam or not.

So with regards to Forex Morning Trade, is this product a scam or is it completely legit?

Well I am pleased to say that Forex Morning Trade is NOT a scam. I have purchased it myself and it is actually a very profitable system. It trades just the one pair - the GBP/USD pair - and looks for possible breakouts during the overnight trading session, just before the London and European markets open.

It is based on probabilities, and generating more winning trades than losing trades because the profit targets and stop loss levels are roughly the same. On the whole it generally manages to achieve this goal as well, with profit targets for the week often totalling around 40 or 80 points in total.

There are losses on some days, and some days there are no trades at all because the trading criteria are not net. However it does tend to generate fairly consistent profits overall, and has helped people make money from forex trading since it was first released.

The best aspect of the Forex Morning Trade system is the support you get when you purchase it. For example there is a forum where other users can chat and exchange ideas, and if you have any questions you can contact the developer of the system, Mark Fric, and he will usually give you a prompt response.

So if you take into consideration the fact that he often makes a few changes to this system to account for changing market conditions, this is definitely one of the better forex trading systems on the market right now.

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