Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The New Forex Profit Accelerator Trade Alert Software From Bill Poulos

Today I want to talk about the new Forex Profit Accelerator trade alert software from Bill Poulos because I'm sure this product is set to become very popular with a lot of currency traders.

The original course included four different trading methods, and they were designed to be used on the daily price charts at the end of each trading session. Well this new software includes the exact same trading methods, but this time around you also get your own software which will alert you to the very best set-ups based on these strategies as well.

As you can see by reading this comprehensive Forex Profit Accelerator trade alert software review, these systems can generate profits of between 40 and 500 pips per trade. So having a piece of software giving you the very best set-ups in real time is obviously going to help you generate more profits.

You do not have to spend lots of time setting up the indicators and scanning through the major pairs such as the GBP/USD, EUR/USD, USD/JPY and USD/CAD pairs looking for possible trading opportunities. You just take a look at the software, see if there are any trades worth taking, and place your trades accordingly.

This software is really easy to use and it will save you a lot of time. The great thing is that training is provided for each of the systems. So you do not have to use the software if you don't want to. You may prefer to look for trades on your own.

However I think a lot of people will want to use this custom built software, and as long as the four main trading systems continue to be profitable, I'm sure the Forex Profit Accelerator trade alert software will prove to be very popular. Many of Bill Poulos' other products have been a resounding success, and I'm sure this one will be too.

It is set to go on sale later today (Monday 26th September) and you will be able to order it from this link. In the meantime you can see how this software actually works by taking a look at these 3 training videos that were released last week.